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Magical Shapewear by Citra & Co

What is it?

Sometimes when life gets a little crazy, your workout regime or your health game may not be top notch. But you still want to look flawless in that tight top or fitted sundress. Our Body Spanks basically allow you to transform the shape of your body to wear fabulous clothing all year round. 

How does it work?

It's pretty much extremely high-waisted underwear that smooths out all your rough edges. They can help you feel super glam in clothing that is not as forgiving. The great thing about them is that they're basically invisible and hardly noticeableunder the majority of materials in your closet.

Why do you need THIS one?
Our Body Shaper provides a lightweight, all around coverage. They're comfortable to wear and will ensure that all your lumps and bumps will be concealed. We are all beautiful no matter our size, but we've got you covered for all of those EXTRA special occasions (especially when there are copious amounts of food involved). They're also breathable, versatile and blends right in with any skin colour for that invisible finish! 


  • Material: nylon
  • Size M/L: waist - 50cm | length - 39cm
  • Size XL/XXL: waist - 60cm | length - 39cm
  • Hand wash only and hang dry
  • Wash in warm water or it may shrink

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